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Personalized Gift Glass Art Music Plaque, Song Plaque, Spotify Sign

Personalized Gift Glass Art Music Plaque, Song Plaque, Spotify Sign

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Best personalized gift for your loved one! Memorize your special moments with a song or photo acrylic, send a private message! Great gift for special days as celebration, home accessory, new decor! Get your Acrylic Photo Glass Gift Now!

This is a HIGH-QUALITY customizable Music song glass plaque / Album cover wall art made with any song and even any picture you can send to us. one of THE BEST QUALITY prints available on the marketplaces! Made with UV Print Tech.

░░░░░ Custom Song Instructions ░░░░░

➤ Complete Personalization Box with the required details
➤ Make the order on the website
You can choose to put your own photo instead of the album art. 
If you chose "Custom Photo" please send the photo via direct messages !

░░░░░ Details ░░░░░

➤ Song Plaque with Wooden Stand
6x8 inches.

➤Beautiful Printing Quality 
- Photos are printed directly on the product for long lasting and beautiful designs. Photos explode with vivid and crisp color that don’t scratch or peel off from the material. It’s also a fun way to display photo frames around your home or office to keep you entertained!

➤Classy and Elegant Clear Acrylic Look
- The product can stand on its own. It does not need support.

░░░░░ Our Promise ░░░░░

❤ We are devoted to giving you the best product and customer service, produced to order from USA. 

❤ Simply message us regarding any issues, and we will come up with a solution that you are happy with.

❤ Got more questions? Simply message us!

Please note that these music records are not a service offered by Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube Music. It is completely produced by our company and the link in the QR code is provided by our customers. In this process, the above-mentioned brands of Spotify, apple music, and youtube music have no role or support for the product. Therefore, there is no action that violates the copyright.

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